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In that process, the forum software has also been upgraded to the latest version available. The upgrade required the forum to be reset to a generic default design, but the information from the past 10 years is still available. Please bear with us as we update the design, fix emojis, and M1LGA!
(Make 100FFC Look Great Again)
—Uncle Buck
10/15/2018, 12:21pm ET



The 100 Fathom Fishing Club is an online fishing club focusing on deepdropping, swordfishing, bottomfishing, and fisheries management issues. We charge no dues, ask for no donations, and do not accept paid advertising.

We encourge men and lady anglers to join and become active in the club by posting fishing reports & pictures, and attending meetings once in a while... which usually take place at a member's home or community clubhouse. Participation is completely voluntary.

100FFC is a RFA-FLA  member club, supporting the rights of recreational fishermen.

Due to a recent spate of spammers, the club's policy has changed, requiring applicants for membership to undergo an approval process. Please assist us with any inquiries so that we can speed up your approval. This change is for the better, ensuring quality members, not just quantity of members.